Repair or Replace? How to Deal With Your Sagging Plaster Ceiling

Over time, you may find that parts of your plaster ceiling are beginning to sag, and you may wonder whether it can be repaired or patched or if the whole ceiling will need to be replaced. Here is a quick guide to whether the ceiling will need to be replaced or repaired. Repair One key factor is the extent of the damage. If only a small part of the ceiling is sagging, it may be possible to push the ceiling back up and re-secure it to the timbers. Read More 

Tips to Solve Common Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Problems

A commercial kitchen requires refrigeration equipment such as coolers, ice makers, refrigerators and chillers to keep foods from going bad. A faulty fridge can affect your business in terms of food quality; therefore, repairing the equipment can save you future headaches and money. Here are some tips for solving common refrigeration equipment problems in commercial kitchens. Preventive Maintenance  Before it comes down to repairing a commercial fridge, you should always think about preventive maintenance because it can save you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. Read More 

Two Common Blunders People Make After Getting Their Homes’ Interior Walls Repaired

After having the damaged plaster or paint on their home's interior walls repaired, some people will end up making one (or even both) of the following blunders. Not using a picture hanging service when they want to decorate the walls with artwork and photos After getting these type of repairs done, many people will feel the urge to adorn their newly restored walls with pictures. However, a lot of people underestimate the level of skill that they need to possess in order to hang up artwork and photos. Read More 

Three Common Shower Repairs That Can Save You Thousands

You might not realise it, but leaky showers are a common problem in many houses and can often go undetected for weeks if not months before the damage becomes visible. If you notice any issues with your shower, it is best to deal with them straight away and not give them a chance to develop into anything serious. If they are not fixed, the water from your shower can damage the structural elements of your home, which can cause serious and permanent damage that costs thousands of dollars to fix. Read More 

Top Benefits of Cast Resin Power Transformers to Commercial Facilities

Commercial facilities require electricity supply, and a power transformer performs an integral role in transferring power through different voltage systems. However, a power transformer is only as effective as its application. It is, therefore, mandatory for facility managers to select the right transformer for their needs. Cast resin power transformers are considered the most popular type of power transformers for commercial facilities. This article highlights the benefits of cast resin power transformers. Read More