4 Reasons to Use Steel Beams for Residential Restoration Projects

There are a whole host of things to think about when you're restoring a property, but one thing many people fail to consider is whether it might be beneficial to use steel beams as part of this process. Even if steel beams were not used originally, which is often true when you're dealing with an older property, using them to help complete restoration work can help with everything from costs to design options.

Here are just four reasons why it makes sense to use steel beams for residential restoration work.

1. Surprisingly Lightweight

Most people assume that adding steel beams to a residential property will involve adding too much weight. However, structural steel is often lighter than alternative construction materials since not much of it is needed to provide support. Steel's impressive strength-to-weight ratio means it can be used to provide support without putting excess strain on other parts of a residential property. You can also use steel beams to support large open spaces, which is a key advantage if you want to remove any walls to create more open living areas.

2. High Strength

Steel's most compelling benefit is its strength. Steel beams can greatly increase a property's resistance to extreme weather conditions, and they can help provide support where an older home is currently failing. Thanks to its impressive strength, you can also use steel to create alterations and extensions. This gives you the freedom to create various designs and the peace of mind that comes with knowing the building enjoys such strong support.

3. Exceptional Durability

Structural steel comes with various coatings to provide resistance against issues such as corrosion and surface damage. It won't split, crack or warp as it ages, and it isn't vulnerable to attacks from insects or moisture. As such, using steel beams for restoration work should greatly increase a building's longevity, all while reducing the amount of maintenance work that might need to be performed.

4. Reduced Costs

Steel beams often seem like an expensive investment, but they can actually help you save. This is partly because beams are fabricated off-site. This helps you save when it comes to on-site labour and reduces construction times. Keeping construction times to a minimum will also help avoid downtime from problems such as poor weather. Since steel is so durable, you might even be able to get cheaper home insurance when the steel has been used for restoration work.

For more information about steel beams, reach out to a local supplier.