3 Benefits of Having Your Shower Resealed

If you have an older shower, then it might be suffering from some wear and tear. While your shower itself might be in good nick, its tiles and sealants might have started to degrade.

At this stage, you can bring in a shower re-grouting and sealing specialist. They can deal with any current problems and reseal the space for you. What are the benefits of doing this?

1. Fix Water Damage

If your tiles and grout are failing, then your shower probably isn't watertight any longer. Every time you take a shower, water might be dripping through your grout and behind your tiles.

You might not notice any obvious damage to start with; however, this kind of water ingress can lead to problems down the line. The water that gets behind tiles or under shower floors has nowhere to go. Your walls might get damp problems. Your tiles might start to come away from the wall.

If you have the shower sealed again, then your contractor can fix these problems. They can check that all your tiles are in good shape; they can dig out and replace old grout. They reseal the shower to make it good again.

2. Deal With Persistent Mould

One of the most common signs of problems with shower seals is mould growth. If your grout isn't sound, then it might have a hole or cracks in it. As moisture gets into these spaces, it creates a perfect environment for mould to grow.

Once mould gets a foothold on your tiled walls, it's hard to get rid of it completely. It can sit behind old grout and, no matter how much you clean or treat it, it just keeps coming back.

This makes your tiles look dirty and ugly; mould is also bad for your health. You don't want to be breathing in spores whenever you use your bathroom.

A re-grout and reseal service can target problem areas and treat any underlying mould. They can then regrout the areas to prevent any mould from growing back.

3. Get a Better-Looking Bathroom

If your tiles and grout aren't in great shape, then your bathroom probably doesn't look that attractive. You have to live with stains, mould residue and discoloured grout.

If you have the shower resealed, then you rejuvenate your bathroom. You get a fresh start with clean tiles and new grout. You can even switch up your design if you like by using a different colour of grout for an extra makeover. Plus, after the work is done, your bathroom will be a lot easier to clean.

To find out more, call out a shower re-grouting and sealing contractor.