4 Reasons to Use Cellular Steel Beams

You don't have to use conventional steel beams in every construction project. Alternative products, like cellular beams, are also a viable option in some builds.

These beams aren't solid. They have circular patterns cut into them. What are the advantages of using cellular beams?

1. Get Lighter Beams

Solid steel beams are heavy. You'll have to factor their weight into your build; this isn't always easy if you need to install a lot of beams or are working in tight areas.

Cellular steel beams are more lightweight. The fact that you cut shapes out of each beam's web decreases their overall weight. So, you might find it easier to incorporate these beams into your plans.

Even though these beams are lighter than the norm, they retain a lot of strength. So, you shouldn't notice any decrease in their ability to hold firm and bear weight within their given weight-bearing capacities.

2. Reduce Your Project Costs

If you can incorporate cellular beams into your build, then you should see some cost savings. Conventional beams are solid; they use more steel. So, your costs will be higher.

Cellular beams use less steel because of their cut-out areas. So, you should see your component beam costs go down.

3. Get More Efficient Routing

If you'll conceal your building's steel beams, then you need to find ways to route essential services around them. You might have to add pipes and connections for your lighting, plumbing and Internet connections around some or all of your beams. You have to find a way to make these connections accessible for the future.

Cellular beams simplify this process. You don't have to worry about hiding pipes or cables behind or underneath beams. You can simply use the cellular holes as conduits. Your infrastructure connections will be held securely, and they will be more easily accessible if you need to get to them later to do repairs or maintenance jobs.

4. Create a Decorative Style

If you leave standard steel beams exposed, then you get an industrial look. While this suits some building designs, you might not like the stark look this creates in your environment.

You can actually use cellular beams as design centrepieces. The beams retain some of that industrial look, but they are more decorative. They look lighter and more attractive, so they could enhance the interior of your building.

To learn more about cellular steel beams and their benefits, have a chat with your renovations company or steel beams supplier.