Repair or Replace? How to Deal With Your Sagging Plaster Ceiling

Over time, you may find that parts of your plaster ceiling are beginning to sag, and you may wonder whether it can be repaired or patched or if the whole ceiling will need to be replaced. Here is a quick guide to whether the ceiling will need to be replaced or repaired.


One key factor is the extent of the damage. If only a small part of the ceiling is sagging, it may be possible to push the ceiling back up and re-secure it to the timbers. The sooner the damage is identified and deal with, the more likely it is that you can make a small repair. However, if one screw has failed, this will put more pressure on the others, and the damage will begin to spread to other parts of the ceiling.

The type of damage is also relevant. If a small part of the plaster has crumbled away, it can be replaced with a patch that can be attached to the timbers. Provided there are no underlying issues, there is no need to replace the entire ceiling.


If the whole ceiling is sagging, it is too late to make a small repair. The fact that all of the plaster has been sagging for a long period of time means that it will have become distorted and will not return to its original shape. If this has happened, it will not be possible to fix it back into place, as it will no longer fit. The entire sheet of plasterboard and the cornices will have to be taken down so a new ceiling can be fitted.

However, it may also be worth replacing the ceiling simply on the grounds of cost. If the ceiling is sagging but has not become too distorted over time, it may be possible to repair it by installing wooden battens to hold it in place. These are only temporary but may have to be left in place for around a week as the plaster regains its original shape. The problem here is that the length of time needed for the repair, coupled with the extra costs of labour and materials, may mean it is cheaper simply to replace the entire ceiling.

If you are in any doubt, the safest choice is always to call in a professional, who will have the experience to know how to proceed. Contact a company that handles plaster ceiling repairs to learn more.