A Guide On How To Buy A Second-Hand Forklift

Two reasons could prompt you to purchase a used forklift. It could be that you cannot afford a new forklift or that you need the forklift for short-term use. Buying a used forklift can be a tedious task. It is especially so since there are many used forklifts on sale. So how can you single out one used forklift? Below is a guideline on how to purchase a used forklift

Forklift Manufacturer

When buying a used forklift, one of your concerns would be the durability and reliability of the equipment. After all, you do not want a machine that breaks down after a few hours of use. For this reason, you should conduct some due diligence to establish companies that make durable forklifts. Conduct internet research and consult with people who own the forklift to establish the service interval of the forklift, its maintenance protocol, the problems it is likely to develop, the availability of parts and forklift mechanics. Primarily, consider manufacturers who offer support services to their clients. 

Forklift Features

Your needs will determine the features that you should look for in a forklift. First, you need to decide the type of forklift you require. For example, order-picking forklifts are ideal for use in warehouses to pick items from shelves above. Telehandlers can function as forklifts and cranes. Rough terrain forklifts can be used on uneven grounds. On the other hand, the industrial forklift is ideal for lifting heavy loads. Determine the height and weight limits of your desired forklift. Additionally, decide whether you want a forklift with an electric or internal combustion engine. 

Condition Of The Forklift 

Below are a few tips to help you assess the condition of the forklift: 

  • Check the forklift's engine. Strange sounds and leaking fluids are an indication of a poorly kept forklift.
  • The forklift should lift its maximum load at its full height. Conduct this test to establish whether the equipment has hydraulic issues.
  • Assess the condition of the forks. Wobbly and bent forks will not hold the load in place.
  • The forklift's electrical system should be fully functional.
  • Assess the mast and lift chains for cracks, bends, signs of welding and wear.
  • The seller should have service and maintenance reports to help you establish whether the forklift requires urgent repairs. 

If you have not used forklifts before, ask an experienced technician to inspect the equipment on your behalf and prepare a report. The report will help you determine whether you will get value for your money once you purchase the forklift.