Two Common Blunders People Make After Getting Their Homes’ Interior Walls Repaired

After having the damaged plaster or paint on their home's interior walls repaired, some people will end up making one (or even both) of the following blunders.

Not using a picture hanging service when they want to decorate the walls with artwork and photos

After getting these type of repairs done, many people will feel the urge to adorn their newly restored walls with pictures. However, a lot of people underestimate the level of skill that they need to possess in order to hang up artwork and photos. Because of this, some homeowners who want to decorate their repaired walls will try to do it themselves instead of using a picture hanging service.

This poor decision has the potential to cause disastrous consequences. For example, if a homeowner has no idea how to do this job and tries to hammer screws, instead of nails, into a wall in order to hang their picture, they could end up gouging large holes in the wall plaster with these screws. As such, the only way this person could hang a picture up on this section of the wall after making this mistake would be to plaster over these holes and start again.

Likewise, if a homeowner doesn't own (or want to buy) a spirit level, they may end up hanging the nails in the wrong places, which would result in their pictures looking crooked. Any person who makes this mistake would then have to remove the nails and reinsert them. They may have to do this several times before they succeed in putting them in the correct places (i.e., in a way that allows their pictures to hang straight). This could result in them creating several unsightly and superfluous holes in their walls.

If a person in this scenario had their photos or artwork placed on their walls by a picture hanging service, none of the above-mentioned issues would occur, as the professions who work for that service have the skills and all of the necessary tools to position pictures correctly without having to make multiple attempts and without damaging the person's pristine, newly repaired walls.

Not investing in the items they need to prevent their walls from deteriorating a second time

The other blunder that far too many people in this situation tend to make is not bothering to purchase the things that they need to prevent their newly fixed walls from deteriorating a second time. For example, if the walls are located in a windowless bathroom, where an extractor fan stopped working a long time ago, it would be important for the owner of this property to invest in a new extractor fan to prevent the steam that will inevitably be produced from saturating the walls and causing water-generated damage.

Likewise, if the walls are in a children's playroom, where they are likely to get scribbled on with markers or struck by airborne toys, it might be wise for the homeowner to buy some self-adhesive, removable wallpaper panels for the lower half of their walls (as these are the areas that small children are most likely to damage). These will protect the walls and can be taken off as the children get older and are no longer prone to drawing on or throwing things at these surfaces.