Why Use CNC Machining to Make Your Parts?

Choosing the right manufacturing process for your parts is important. In some cases, CNC machining is the best option. This process uses special computer software to set a framework for the production of a part. Machines then follow the generated code through the entire manufacturing process to create the finished product.

This level of automation and computerised control has its benefits. For example, you might find that CNC machining is a good solution in the following situations:

1. You Have a Complicated Design

Some parts have simple designs; they are easy to manufacture. However, some parts are more complicated. It isn't always easy to reproduce them exactly from their draft designs if you use a manual manufacturing process.

CNC software can create a model of any part in either 2D or 3D. The software then uses this model to create a program code that tells machines what to do to create the part. If you're looking for unusual shapes, custom designs or odd sizes, this process will work for you.

2. You Need Accurate and Consistent Results

Manual machining processes are accurate and they produce consistent results. However, the results you get are sometimes influenced by the fact that people have to model the design and operate any machinery used in the production process.

Human error can play a part here. All of the parts in your order might not be exactly the same; you may have some size, cut, quality or design problems with some parts.

CNC machining processes are largely automated. The design code tells the machines precisely what to do. You remove human error from the mix. If you need high levels of accuracy and consistency on all your parts, you're more likely to get it.

3. You Need Quick Production Times

If you use manual manufacturing for an order, you have to factor in both design and production times. Someone has to work out how to machine your part; someone else has to then change the gears on one or more machines to get them ready to manufacture your design. You then need operators to run the machines.

CNC machining is typically a lot quicker. The software codes the part and then tells the machines what to do. The manufacturing process itself is much more automated.

It can, in fact, even run automatically on an unattended basis out of working hours in some cases. If you have an urgent or time-critical order, you're more likely to get it on time.

To find out more about the benefits of this manufacturing option, talk to CNC machining companies.