4 Signs A Power Transformer Needs To Be Repaired

This blog post discusses four signs that a power transformer needs to be repaired. Read on to find out more. 1. The transformer is making strange noises If you hear unusual noises radiating from your power transformer, it could be a sign that something is wrong. These noises can often indicate that the transformer is overloaded or that there is a problem with the cooling system. So, at the first sign of any strange sounds coming from your transformer, it's important to contact a contractor and have it checked out as soon as possible. Read More 

Renovating your home? Here’s when to call in the asbestos experts.

The Australian Asbestos Network estimates that "more than one million Australian homes were built using asbestos sheeting"—and sheets aren't the only way asbestos sneaks into domestic properties. The presence of asbestos in any of its forms is a real concern when carrying out repairs, restorations and renovations on your home, particularly as most asbestos is more dangerous once disturbed. The important thing to know is that you must never attempt to deal with asbestos on your own: asbestos disposal requires expert assistance, and it's vital that you call in an asbestos waste removal firm to get the job done properly. Read More 

What Are the Advantages of Steel Beam Construction?

If you're building a new home or renovating an old one, then you have to decide which material to use for your beams and posts. While wood is a popular option, you should consider using steel here. What are the benefits of installing steel beams and posts? Get a Better Strength to Weight Ratio The materials you can use in your structural beams and posts will have different strength to weight ratios. Read More 

How To Maintain Your Carpet After a Professional Deep Clean

According to experts, professional carpet should be done at least once a year. Therefore, before your next carpet cleaning appointment, you need to take care of your carpet and ensure it remains in good condition for it to serve you for a long time. However, maintaining your carpet after a deep clean can be overwhelming. But with these three tips, you can ensure that your carpet stays in good condition long after your last cleaning appointment. Read More