How To Maintain Your Carpet After a Professional Deep Clean

According to experts, professional carpet should be done at least once a year. Therefore, before your next carpet cleaning appointment, you need to take care of your carpet and ensure it remains in good condition for it to serve you for a long time.

However, maintaining your carpet after a deep clean can be overwhelming. But with these three tips, you can ensure that your carpet stays in good condition long after your last cleaning appointment.

Don't Walk on the Wet Carpet

Professional carpet cleaning involves steam cleaning. Although this method uses powerful extractors, your carpet still needs some time to dry properly. Therefore, you should not walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning.

If you walk on a wet carpet, you could re-soil the surface and cause dirt particles to embed themselves deep in the fibres. Furthermore, walking on a damp carpet flattens the fibres, increasing the overall drying time. 

But if you need to walk across your carpet right away, you can shorten the drying process by turning up your AC heat or opening your windows to let in warm air. This way, your carpet can dry off much quicker to allow for better convenience.

Clean Spills Immediately

Sometimes accidents happen, and you may spill something on your carpet. You'll need to clean the spill immediately before the contaminants soak deep into your carpet fibres. 

When cleaning up a spill, use the blot method. This method involves pressing a white paper towel or cloth on the spill and allowing them to soak up the spill. Rubbing off the contaminated area enables the spills to soak deep into your carpet fibres, forming stubborn stains. The blot method ensures that this doesn't happen.

If you feel like this method isn't working for you, use a stain remover or spot cleaner. But don't use cleaners with harsh chemicals since they may destroy your carpet fibres and shorten your carpet's lifespan. You can always reach out to your carpet cleaning expert if you're not sure what to use on your carpet.

Take Your Shoes Off When on Your Carpet

Your shoes contain irregular tread patterns that carry a lot of dirt particles. Walking on your carpet with these shoes may make your carpet dirty. Therefore, you shouldn't allow anyone to walk on your carpet with their shoes, including your guests.

However, this doesn't mean that you should walk on your carpet barefoot. Walking barefoot on your carpet will leave your skin's natural oils on your carpet, which attracts dirt and stains your carpet. Therefore, you need to wear clean cotton socks or house slippers whenever you walk on your carpet.

You could also apply a protective layer on your carpet to prevent the stains from penetrating deep into your carpet fibres. Ask your carpet cleaning professional about how to maintain your carpet.