Three Common Shower Repairs That Can Save You Thousands

You might not realise it, but leaky showers are a common problem in many houses and can often go undetected for weeks if not months before the damage becomes visible. If you notice any issues with your shower, it is best to deal with them straight away and not give them a chance to develop into anything serious. If they are not fixed, the water from your shower can damage the structural elements of your home, which can cause serious and permanent damage that costs thousands of dollars to fix. Here are three common shower repairs and how to tell if you need it.

Shower Re-grouting And Sealing

Grout is a very vital part of your shower's overall structural integrity, and when it gets old, it can come loose, and the water will begin to damage and seep through the floor below. Your first indication of this problem will arrive when you feel the texture of sand or dirt on the floor of your shower. This is tiny bits of grout that have come loose. A shower re-grouting & sealing service addresses that problem immediately and fixes it for years to come. If your shower is old (from the 1990s or before) then you should definitely make it a point to get shower re-grouting and sealing as a proactive measure to stop this slow decay.

Leaky Pipes In The Walls

How do you find out if you have leaky pipes behind your walls? There are a few warning signs you should be on the lookout for:

  • A noticeable drop in water pressure that is not present in other rooms of your house.
  • Strange noises, including hissing or dripping.
  • Water behaving erratically (e.g. spurting out at times or going completely away at other points).
  • Bad smells coming from your shower and surrounding rooms.

If you notice any of these signs or a combination of them, you should immediately call for a plumber. 

Cracked Tiles

Tiles are by far the most common material found in shower walls and floors, and every now and then, they can crack. However, they don't only crack because of heavy or sharp items being dropped on them. Tiles can also crack because they were installed badly, because extreme heat has been causing the floor to flex and because of regular wear and tear over many decades. That is why repairing cracked tiles in the shower is not always as easy as calling for a tile replacement. You need to fix the underlying issue before you fix the cracked tiles; otherwise, they will just keep coming back. Talk to a structural engineer or an experienced bathroom construction contractor and get a professional opinion. 

To learn more about shower re-grouting and sealing and other shower services, contact a shower repair and restoration company in your area.