Top Benefits of Cast Resin Power Transformers to Commercial Facilities

Commercial facilities require electricity supply, and a power transformer performs an integral role in transferring power through different voltage systems. However, a power transformer is only as effective as its application. It is, therefore, mandatory for facility managers to select the right transformer for their needs. Cast resin power transformers are considered the most popular type of power transformers for commercial facilities. This article highlights the benefits of cast resin power transformers.

Self-Extinguishing — One of the most significant advantages of cast resin power transformers have over other types is their ability to self-extinguish. This is an essential feature because of the potential of power transformers to malfunction and catch fire. The resin compound found in cast resin power transformers acts as a fire retardant and extinguishes any fire within the transformer. The self-extinguishing capabilities of this type of power transformer reduce maintenance costs associated with keeping the transformer safe. You, therefore, don't have to equip the transformer with expensive fire extinguishing equipment. Moreover, you do not need staff to extinguish possible fires on the transformer.

Less Costly Cooling — Power transformers must operate in cool environments because that is the only way to maintain efficiency. However, other types of transformers rely on oil and lubricants to keep the transformer cool. Unfortunately, using oil as a coolant is rather expensive because you have to monitor the oil levels to ensure that they don't fall below dangerous levels. Additionally, you have to use the right type of oil in the transformer, and any slight mistakes can be costly. Cast resin power transformers eliminate this problem because they don't rely on oil to cool transformer components. Cast resin transformers only need air to keep cool, and this reduces the cost of running the transformer.

Ability to Sustain Overloads — By nature of their function, transformers are expected to overload at one point in time. For this reason, you need a power transformer that is equipped with overload capacities, and this is where cast resin transformers prove useful. Other transformer designs are not well-equipped to handle sudden perturbations and overloads and can blow at the slightest increase in power usage. On the other hand, cast resin power transformers come with double insulation, which improves temperature and heat handling capabilities. This enables cast resin power transformers to sustain electric overloads way above their capacities. Consequently, technicians can look at the cause of the overload and correct it while keeping the transformer safe.